Extract Crystal Reports and Tables used in it from SAP BusinessObjects 4.1/4.2

We developed a utility using BOBJ SDK which helps BusinesObjects Administrators to extract the Crystal Reports from BOBJ Public folders along with the Folder location and Tables used in the report. This utility uses BOBJ SDK programming.

How to Run it :

  • Make sure you have JAVA installed on the machine and BOBJ client tools are installed. If you are running on BOBJ server you don’t need any client tools.
  • Create “Temp” folder under C:\ .  Utility genrates output CSV to C:\Temp folder .
  • Open Command prompt as Administrator . Run the tool using  below command

Java -jar FoldersExtraction.jar <CMSNAME>  <USERID/Administrator>  <PASSWORD>

In my case JAR file located in C:\Temp

  • A .CSV file will be generated into Temp folder.

Output Format :

Output will have Report Name, Report CUID, Last Modified Date, Report Type, Table/View used, Folder Location

In case of multiple tables in report, utility will add the additional columns with the table names.

You can download the utility from here.