“Right Angle Health develops and provides solutions that empower healthcare organizations as they adapt to the Affordable Care Act and transition to value-based care.” 

Chief Medical Officer

Clinical, operational and claims d
ata experts

We bring real value to our HIE clients by harmonizing internal and disparate data sources, pulling it all together into a form that makes it consumable and, easy to analyze.

We employ experts in clinical knowledge, operational processes, and claims data – ensuring that your data is handled with quality.

We ensure that the path from paper records to electronic means is a stepping stone, and not an uphill climb.



Healthcare analytics


Let us help you add value to your HIE participants.

We are experts in HIE reporting and analytics.

We provide feedback on the auditability and compliance of your healthcare organization.

We ensure that you fulfill all your state and federal regulatory reporting needs.

We offer quality metrics relevant to your healthcare line of business.

We guide you through the ever-changing sector of population health management solutions.

Data quality

shutterstock_120782233.jpgThrough source data profiling, our in depth analysis will enable you to effectively engage with your data providers.

Our HL7-quality tools identify incomplete or inconsistent messages while setting standards and monitoring compliance at the message and segment levels.

Our member-linking methodology ensures that the correct patient records will be linked together.

Our dynamic software will allow your providers to insert supplemental patient data, and combine patient records — putting the power of data quality at your organization’s fingertips.



Data access and extractsshutterstock_145657883

We confidently and confidentially provide participants access to warehouse data maintaining HIPAA and consent-based security.

All of our healthcare solutions are fully encrypted from end-to-end. 

Any healthcare data  we receive is stored within the United States — ensuring proper monitoring and security. 



Our data framework will help you face the variability in data challenges



Providing a dynamic framework that is adaptable to ever changing data sources and the variety of EMR systems through clinical integration.

Utilizing data-level security to provide users HIPAA / Consent compliant data access.

Calculating industry metrics on an optimized data warehouse for fast performance.


Standardizing and simplifying the increasing variability in healthcare data for easy analysis.

Taking the universe of data available and pinpointing the needle in the haystack for your needs, saving you from analysis paralysis.

Focusing on value-based care through implementing standards set by peer-reviewed quality measure studies from CMS, NCQA, HEDIS, PQRS, and AHRQ.

“With special emphasis on patient tracking, quality improvement, and individual health plan out-of-pocket maximums enforced by the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare system is shifting focus towards true success through shared savings by implementing quality of care improvements. This results in performance-based compensation for the provider which is a better route than over-billing the sick patient. Using this method to improve quality of life and lessen the suffering of others is the Right Angled direction to turn humanity towards.”

– Omar Hafeez, Healthcare Consultant, Right Angle Solutions