Is it time to say goodbye to your BOBJ Administrator?

After working with several SAP BOBJ clients for 15 years and in listening to their concerns, I have realized that resources who claim to be BOBJ Administration.. Read More >


This is story is my one year journey with the tool and implementation.. Read More >

Confused what is patch, Service Pack (SP), Hotfix, Minor Release in SAP BusinessObjects

Frustrated about what’s in a patch, SP, Break fix etc. in BusinessObjects? When to apply and when to wait for the next jump? Don’t be. Here is a blog that can clear that confusion. Read More >

Extensive Tracing and Logging in SAP BusinessObjects Part 1

Troubleshooting and finding the root cause of the BusinessObjects issues might be challenging. With different types of logging and tracing we can find the root causes of the issues. Read More >

Extract Webi & Crystal Reports with Universe/DB used in it from SAP BusinessObjects 4.1/4.2

This utility helps BOBJ Admins to extract Webi and its universe, Crystal Reports and DB tables used in it from BOBJ Public folders along with the Folder location. This utility uses BOBJ SDK programming. Read More >

Tune, Scale, De-mystify Tomcat Server for SAP BusinessObjects

Most BusinessObjects deployments use Tomcat as their Web & Application Servers. Yet there is not enough information on how to optimize Tomcat for BOBJ. Here is a cheat sheet that can help you avoid common pitfalls and scale tomcat for your needs. Let me know your experience or challenges and I will try to address them in the next post. Read More >

Extract Crystal Reports and Tables used in it from SAP BusinessObjects 4.1/4.2

We developed a utility using BOBJ SDK which helps BusinesObjects Administrators to extract the Crystal Reports from BOBJ Public folders along with the Folder location and Tables used in the report. This utility uses BOBJ SDK programming. Read More >

5 Must have tools for every BOBJ administrator

SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise becoming vast with wide range of new tools and Integrations. Its always tough job for BOBJ administrators to maintain the servers and perform day to day activities. Below are some handful tools we think it will be very useful .. Read More >

End of the road for JAVA Applet in BOBJ Webi ?

We have seen our clients face frequent issues with JAVA applet in BOBJ. BOBJ supports only some versions of JAVA . When users are upgraded to newer JAVA or changed the JAVA versions it will be issue with Webi Applet viewer. Users must switch .. Read More >