“We complete that missing 90° gap to ensure your organization comes to a full circle.”

-Chandra Alapati, Manager – Solutions Architecture, Right Angle Solutions

Agile process


At Right Angle Solutions, our process is use-case focused.

We employ proven processes which are adaptable to change.

We’re able to provide proper open communication and planning through iterative phased delivery. 

Our deliverable are constantly goal oriented with your best-interest in mind.



Global organization


Our worldwide firm has an active presence in the Americas and India

We have a “Follow the Sun” team structure optimized for cost containment, a more-robust talent pool, and face-to-face interaction.

We manage projects of all and sizes around the world.

Our people


We consider our people to be innovators with proven track records.

We employ professionals with charisma, work ethic, and passion towards their work.  

Our people have the ability to mitigate risk from constantly changing demands.




“We believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, we support and challenge our clients in equal measure — no matter what their challenges are or where their location is.”

-Raj Juttukonda, Principal, Right Angle Solutions