End of the road for JAVA Applet in BOBJ Webi ?

We have seen our clients face frequent issues with JAVA applet in BOBJ. BOBJ supports only some versions of JAVA . When users are upgraded to newer JAVA or changed the JAVA versions it will be issue with Webi Applet viewer.  Users must switch to different versions depends on the applications due to legacy applications still using JAVA 6. Chrome browser stopped supporting JAVA applet.

From the latest versions of BI 4.2 SP3 & SP4, it seems SAP slowly moving away from JAVA dependency. Below functionalities are now available in HTML viewer of Webi.

More Data sources in Creating Webi Reports

Excel, Free-hand SQL, BEx data sources are now supported in HTML viewer.



Query Panel

BW datasource webi reports Query panel can now be accessed in HTML viewer



Advanced Query panel filters like Subquery, Database Ranking are now in HTML Modify mode.


Report Design features

New formatting rules can be created


Number formats can be changed







Changing Data source is available

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