Intelligent people + Data driven solutions = Actionable information

At Right Angle Solutions, we believe that with the combination of our ambitious organization consisting of talented and data-driven consultants, and your mission statement, we will work mutually to deliver you immediate and actionable information.

Want to outperform your competition?

Successful organizations maintain their competitive edge by consistently executing a brilliant strategy.

Execution relies on the access of timely valid information. As decision makers respond to the markets, they find that actionable information is hard to find and it takes several cycles before the  information is truly leveraged.

Right Angle Solutions partners with clients to eliminate the challenges that prevent organizations from measuring and monitoring their performance.


“At Right Angle Solutions, we focus on creating mechanisms that enable the flow of information, content and analysis across the required channel of the organization.”

                                    – Raj Juttukonda, Principal, Right Angle Solutions

We help companies stay competitive

Through open communication,  transparency,  analytics, and execution, we re-angle your savings and profit curves towards the right direction.

With an emerging global market, increasing regulation, and other series of challenges for your organization, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help your company not only grow and stabilize, but continue to remain competitive.

Our expertise simultaneously bend your cost curve while at the same time put you in a situation to increase your profits.

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 We deploy world-class consultants to your direction

Our typical consulting activity includes strategy, development, testing, implementation, and transition to the stake holders as a project.

Our consultants have proven track records in working with organizations of various sizes and constantly changing demands.

Through a myriad of experiences and accomplishments, we put our greatest minds together to evaluate your problems, and come up with world-class solutions.

We truly believe in doing whatever it takes to getting things done and hence are agnostic to technology, location, barriers, or any specific consulting think-tank approaches.

“It is our commitment to provide to you sustainable solutions with active participation from stake holders from the start of any engagement.”

– Susan Richards, Director – Business Development, Right Angle Solutions